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We’re inviting you to the 26th annual Spokane Golf Show held at the Spokane Convention Center February 17-18, 2024.

The Spokane Golf Show has grown to be the largest Inland northwest consumer golf show with over 100 exhibitors featuring golf equipment manufacturer reps, interactive contests, indoor driving range and more.

In it’s 26th year, with over 8,000 golfers visiting the show!

The Spokane Golf Show is owned and operated by Karen Stebbins of KLU Marketing. We’re ready to partner with you for an amazing 2023 show!

Call or email with any questions: 509-869-0344,

Booth Includes

10×10 draped booth
Colors green & white
6′ draped table
2 chairs
*the facility is cement floor, order carpet & pad on your contract or contact our office 509-869-0344
*no electrical included, please order direct from facility 509-279-7007.
*order anything extra 2 weeks early from decorator for best price, if you order on the floor during load in the price will be very high.

show DATE

FEBRUARY 17-18, 2024



load in


*early load in available for golf cart vendors and large retail areas. Please call the office to arrange 509-869-0344

move out



spokane convention center

east loading dock directions

  1. From I-90 use Exit 282 (Hamilton St.) – go north 1 mile
  2. Turn left on E. Mission Ave. – go west 0.7miles
  3. Turn left on N. Division St. – go south 0.8 miles
  4. Enter off N. Division St., northeast corner of the building

Electrical, upgraded WiFi & AV

You will need to contact the facility directly to provide this service at your booth; 509-279-7007.

Vehicles & Golf Carts

-Batteries must be disconnected.
-Fuel in the fuel tank shall not exceed one quarter of the tank capacity or 5 gallons (18.9 L), whichever is less.
-A vehicle key for each vehicle must be left in the Security Office or with an on-site responsible individual or emergencies.
-No vehicle may be started or operated within any assembly building during show hours without approval of the Fire Marshal.


Exhibitors are exempt from the Spokane City Business License if they are not conducting business in the City of Spokane outside of the Consumer show event. Contact the City of Spokane Taxes and Licenses Department at (509) 625-6070 for details.

Retail Sales Taxes – If you are selling merchandise you take responsibility to act in accordance with the sales tax regulations of the City of Spokane and the State of Washington. You must register as a temporary business in the state of Washington if you are selling retail at the show. CLICK HERE Ten (10) days after the event you will receive a form to fill out and remit the taxes to the state of Washington.

Exhibitor Lodging

$115 +tax rate

Directly across from Spokane Golf Show, free parking & includes full breakfast.
33 W. Spokane Falls Blvd, Spokane, WA  99201


Rate of $119 for the group with comp guestroom wifi and a 50% discount on parking.

322 North Spokane Falls Court,
Spokane, WA 99201
phone+1 509-455-9600



$109 / Night + free parking

Centennial Hotel (by Davenport Hotels)
303 West North River Drive
Spokane, WA 99201


You may hand out bags and the bags do not need to be clear even if the facility guidelines say differently.  The Spokane Golf Show is a trade-show and the building understands that the event is different than a concert.

You may carry in purses, backpacks and other items and they do not need to be clear.


Exhibitor ID

CLICK HERE for exhibitor pass list. Send to office by February 1st.

Exhibitors receive up to 4 passes per booth unless other arrangements have been made with the show office.  All exhibitors must turn in an exhibitor list in advance of the show for passes to work the booth. Additional passes are available at $5/each.

Please email the list to our office by January 16th

**Picking up passes the day of show: 

Passes will be at front desk 30 minutes before show at the ticket booth in front of the show.  You will need to be at WILL CALL early to obtain your pass if you have not obtained it earlier when setting up your booth.  We will not be able to let anyone into the front gate without a pass to work their booth. Plan your time wisely for the WILL CALL line to obtain your pass if you are working the show opening.



The decorator for the Spokane Golf Show is LCD Exposition Services. The phone number for the decorator is: 509-325-9656. All orders for special booth requests must go through LCD Exposition Services by phone or online ordering (link below).

Go to
Click on For Exhibitors
Click on Exhibitor Kits
Enter show code – 3682
Click on go.
Click on Download exhibitor kit for Spokane Golf Show, the order packet will be on the screen.


Contact the decorator, LCD Exposition Services at 509-325-9656.

marketing opportunities & show promotion

Exhibitor Emails:

For an additional fee we can send out a stand-alone email for your company or an email with your offer along with 2 other offers. Stand-Alone to 20k+ golf emails – $500

Entry Handouts

If you would like to be included in our show entry handouts that we give to attendees as they come through the door contact the show office. 

Entry Bags

If you would like to have a branded bag handed out at the entry contact the show office.


Please consider using our logo to promote yourself being at the show.

CLICK HERE for a logo