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For 23 years, the Spokane Golf Show has grown to be the largest Inland northwest consumer golf show. Last year’s show saw over 8,000 golfers visit the show, and we’re looking forward to 2021 being even better!

Vision Marketing is know for producing consumer shows that are successful for both the consumer and the exhibitor. We welcome you to the 2021 Spokane Golf Show!

The two-day show is is a kick-off to the Spokane region golf season.  We provide amazing deals and products, free golf for paid admission, free bonus golf offers for online purchase of tickets, fun interactive games, a ton of give-a-ways and prizes that create the magic of the Spokane Golf Show.

With our sponsors, partners, participating golf courses with free and bonus offers, courses offering show only deals, manufacturers, retailers and our non-profits everyone that comes through our door has a great experience.

Just the facts:



  • Spokane Convention Center, 334 W Spokane Falls Blvd., Spokane, WA 99201
  • The show is located in the Convention Center Exhibit Hall – use the EAST Exhibit Hall directions (please refer to below map link).
  • CLICK HERE for Exhibitor Driving Directions & Loading Map for the Spokane Convention Center EAST Exhibit Hall.
  • There are multiple loading docks at the Exhibit hall if needed for loading and unloading trucks.

Show Hours

February 27 & 28, 2021

Saturday 9AM – 5PM
Sunday 10AM – 4PM


Load In | Load Out Times

Load In: Friday 12 – 5PM
*must contact show office for any other move in times.

Load Out: Sunday 4PM


Each Booth Includes

  • Piped and draped 10 x 10 booth
  • 1-6′ Table & 2 chairs
  • Wireless
  • 4 wristbands
    The facility is not carpeted. You may add carpet & pad with your booth contract. If you did not order carpet with your booth contract you must contact the show office and order 2 weeks prior to the show. The show does not provide electrical, you will need to contact the building directly.

Exhibitor ID wristbands

CLICK HERE for exhibitor pass list. Send to office by February 16.

Exhibitors receive up to 4 passes per booth unless other arrangements have been made with the show office.  All exhibitors must turn in an exhibitor list in advance of the show for passes to work the booth. Additional passes are available at $5/each.

Please email the list to our office by February 16th  Info@spokanegolfshow.com

**Picking up passes the day of show: 

Passes will be at will call 30 minutes before show at the ticket booth in front of the show.  You will need to be at WILL CALL early to obtain your pass if you have not obtained it earlier when setting up your booth.  We will not be able to let anyone into the front gate without a pass to work their booth. Plan your time wisely for the WILL CALL line to obtain your pass if you are working the show opening.



Electrical, upgraded WiFi & AV

You must contact the building directly to order electrical. contact Sue Stoll at (509) 279-7005 or sstoll@spokanepfd.org

Basic WiFi is free and perfect for running most charge card services, for additional electrical, faster Internet and phone services, please contact Sue Stoll at (509) 279-7005 or sstoll@spokanepfd.org


Food & Alcohol sampling

There is no fee for sampling as long as you follow the guidelines and fill out the form.  CLICK HERE for the FORM to COMPLETE. You must also comply with the Spokane County Health District regulations.  CLICK HERE FOR REGULATIONS

To serve alcohol at your booth you must fill out the above building form and arrange for CenterPlate to pour the alcohol as it will be under the CP alcohol permit in the building. There is an hourly fee of $25 for CenterPlate.


Vehicles & Golf Carts (load in/out & display)

Per the Fire Marshall all fuel-powered vehicles (including gas-powered golf carts) must have their batteries disconnected when on display.  Electric carts are not required to have their batteries discounted.   All gas powered vehicles must have 1/4 or less in the gas tank when entering the building, whether to drop off display materials or displaying the vehicle. In addition, LPG-fueled vehicles are not allowed inside the building unless the tank is completely empty or removed from the vehicle. The show floor is concrete so you may drive the cart/vehicle directly on the floor to the display booth.  Since the display space is concrete you also do not have to place plexi-glass under the tires of your vehicle/cart.


2020 Attendees



The decorator for the Spokane Golf Show is LCD Exposition Services. The phone number for the decorator is: 509-325-9656. All orders for special booth requests must go through LCD Exposition Services by phone or online ordering (link below).

Coming Soon – the Exhibitor Kit.

Coming Soon – the ONLINE ordering for additional items beyond the table and 2 chairs provided at your booth. Use code TBD



Contact the decorator, LCD Exposition Services at 509-325-9656. 



You must register as a temporary business in the state of Washington if you are selling retail at the show.  CLICK HERE to do that (it’s even free!)  Ten (10) days after the event they will send you a form to fill out and remit the taxes to the state of Washington. 



Best Western Plus City Center – $XX/night for golf show exhibitors. This includes a double queen or single king room with a hot breakfast bar and parking.

Call – 509.623.9727 and ask for the Spokane Golf Show exhibitors rate or CLICK HERE to book online.



Spokane Golf Show Marketing Opportunities

Exhibitor Emails:

For an additional fee we can send out a stand-alone email for your company or an email with your offer along with 2 other offers. Stand-Alone to 20k+ golf emails – $500

Entry Handouts

If you would like to be included in our show entry handouts that we give to attendees as they come through the door contact the show office. 

Entry Bags

If you would like to have a branded bag handed out at the entry contact the show office.


Please consider using our logo to promote yourself being at the show.

CLICK HERE for a logo


Spokane Convention Center